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Hello everyone.  My name is Sarah and welcome to my blog! 

A little history:

I have been vegetarian since February 2008.  I loved the way it made me feel and gained many health benefits.  When I became vegetarian I lived in the college dorms and had to have a university meal plan.  Lets just say the University of Kentucky is not vegetarian friendly.   However in August of 2008 I moved into my very own apartment and enjoyed the benefits of being able to cook my own meals.  I rediscovered my cooking creativity and healthy meal choices. 

About a year later (Feb. 2009) I had dabbled in the idea of veganism.  However I felt that it was an important decision that I needed to research and “try out” to make sure that I made the best decision for myself.  I would go through periods of eating a vegan diet (meaning no animal produts) and then periods of lacto-ovo vegetarian eating.  I found that I felt my healthiest and happiest when I was eating a vegan diet. 

With that said I respect the right of each individual to make their own decision about their dietary choices.  The purpose of this blog is not, I repeat is NOT to make anyone feel guilty.  It does not matter if you like meat, if your a lacto-ovo vegetarian, or a raw foodist.  Veganism is simply the right choice for me.  When I say that I am vegan I mean that I do not eat any meat (including fish), eggs, dairy or honey.

 So why did I go vegan?  As said before I liked the way it made my body feel refreshed and energized.  Since I was vegetarian before I was already accoustomed to eating meat.  I don’t like honey and occasionly dairy products would upset my stomach so I just decided to do without them altogether.  I also chose veganism to lower my impact on the planet.

My hope for this blog is to share my experiences with living vegan and have a place for others to learn and share in a respective environment.  I am the only person in my family who is vegan (in fact everyone in my family and close circle of friends are omnivores) and I always get asked the question “What does a vegan eat?” “What does that mean?”  “What do you do?”  So I hope this blog shows how veganism offers so many choices and delicious foods. 

To be honest the thing that bothers me most (and I am sure others with different dietary guidelines have faced this as well) is that when I say I am vegan (or your chosen diet*) people automatically judge and make assumptions.  My experience has been when I explain to individuals that I am vegan many (but not all) think of this depriving way of eating that involves only high amounts of raw lettuce.  Obviously this is untrue and I hope to clarify this through my food choices on the blog.  

*Just as an aside anytime I refer to diet on the blog I am talking about food intake NOT counting calories, restricting fuel, or fad plans for quick weight loss, etc.  

If you have any questions please let me know and I will do my best to answer them.  Please remember I have no professional training in nutrition, fitness or medicine.  This blog serves as my creativity outlet to share some of my passions and is not meant to replace any consultation, treatment or advice of a dietician, personal trainer, doctor, or other related professional.

Some segments to appear on the Blog (besides my daily eats)

Recipe Creations

“What’s in my Fridge and Pantry”

Favorite Products’ List

If you have any questions please e-mail me at

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