Vegan and Dining Out


So I thought instead of doing a regular meal recap post yesterday I would instead prepare a special installment on dining out and eating vegan.  Whether you are a practicing vegan or just want to try a new eating experience I hope you all find these helpful. These are just general tips I have found helpful so far.  When I first even considered becoming vegan I had this fear that I would not be able to eat out at restaurants with my friends/family because of my dietary preferences.  However I was in complete error and found many ways to enjoy delicious meals that were vegan.

1) Ask the server for suggestions or information about the menu.  Make sure you explain that you are vegan and what you do and do not eat.  For me that means any animal, dairy, eggs, and honey.

2) Make customizations to a particular dish.  Whether that means substituting beans, tofu, tempeh, lentils, etc for meat or by simply not asking for cheese or having the dish cooked with butter.  With this you can take most dishes to being vegan.  *Just as an aside I have found that asking for no butter is one of the most important.  When I was just “trying out veganism” I made sure to order my sandwich with no cheese but totally forgot to ask to have my veggies cooked without the substance.

3) Ask if the chef can prepare something not on the menu that fits your dietary preferences.  Most restaurants do not mind creating something especially for you as their goal is your satisfaction and continued patronage.

4) Call Ahead.  This sometimes allows you to gauge the restaurant and see if they have ways to make vegan dishes. 

Have a lovely weekend.

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