6 Month Challenge


Hello blog lovelies and hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

I decided to make a post on a challenge I am making for myself and hope others will want to take part. My 6 month challenge is to pick something new each week that focuses on health and overall wellness that can be easily implemented into your lifestyle.  Whatever your personal goals are.  Even though everyone’s will be different we all can still support each other.  The only guidelines are that they are 1)specific 2)realistic and 3)that you keep all previous weeks goals. This way by the end of 6 months we will all have many small changes that equal maintainabel results.

So for my first weekly challenge I am going to stop drinking caffeine free soft drinks. I have already given up caffeine (yay!) but still drink these fake ingredient laden beverages. Soft drinks are a weakness of mine and I will be ready to give them up completely. What is your first goal?

So if you want to participate please leave a comment with your weekly goal and always feel free to share your progress.  Anyone who participates at least four out of the 6 months will have the choice of one of two super cool (I promise) prize giveaways..

The official start date is June 1st and will go til November 1st so lets get crackin’

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