What’s in My Fridge and Pantry-Part 1


I figured what better way to start the blog then taking a peak inside my pantry and fridge.  So here you go.  I will try to list everything in the picture but may forget a few things.


Freezer: ice trays and ice cubes (green bucket), frozen blackberries, strawberries mango, broccoli, edamame, rising moon ravioli (all organic) and food for life cinnamon raisin english muffins.


coffee, more coffee, and almonds


2 types peanut butter, almond butter, non dairy vegan butter, and Silk plain yogurt x2


Leftover blacn beans, pizza dough, hummus, coconut, Honest Tea single serve bottle, Silk light vanilla soymilk


broccoli, organic: spinach, kale, tomato, cucumber, strawberries, and a green pepper


mostly all organic: taco sauce, salsa, coconut water, ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, dijon mustard, soy sauce, silk creamer, jalapenos,, hot chili sauce, shortening (vegan), vegan butter, marinara sauce, pure maple syrup (x2), on the bottom: white Zinfandel wine (for a friend-not for me) and Food for life english muffins


bananas, apples



Starting with the top left photo:

shelf stable plain soymilk, agave nectar, vegan sugar, salsa, wheatberries, cinnamon, lasagna noodles, tea (x3), salt and pepper grinders, cornmeal, cornstarch, spices, firm tofu, whole wheat linguine, shells, and pastry flour, sweet potato, acorn squash, onions, dried chickpeas, and canned beans

So there you have it…my food stash.

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